To ensure your commercial electrical project progresses as smoothly as possible, it’s always in your best interest to enlist the professional electrical services of a licensed, insured, and certified electrician to affect any installations or repairs. Factoring in that an average commercially-scaled electrical project is much more elaborate than your average home or residential electrical job, having an electrical company that has a reputation to match their experience is something that is absolutely essential. A commercial developer or business owner needs to factor in when you are recruiting local talent in the electrical services industry throughout the Carter County, OK area that not every electrical contractor is adept, skilled, or experienced enough to manage your commercial electrical project through to fruition competently. To avoid the guesswork, go with the best work - such as that offered through our company, Ramsey Ward Electric Co Inc!

Services include:

✓ Cable Tracing
✓ Commercial Upgrades
✓ Control Work
✓ Design/Build
✓ High Bay Lighting
✓ New Commercial Construction
✓ Plant Wiring
✓ Power Distribution


Similar to the commercial electrical services we offer here at Ramsey Ward Electric Co Inc, our industrial electrical services are always top-notch and all-inclusive to ensure your industrial electrical project is completed on time and within any budgetary constraints. With punctuality, quality, and safety being at the forefront of our business model, we are well-versed with all levels of industrial construction, wiring, utility system (re)design and implementation in addition to advanced electrical systems overview. For quality assurance as well as your peace of mind, we incorporate our tried and proven process for every industrial project our electricians are contracted to complete. Please feel free to take advantage of our cost/obligation-free electrical consultations if you have additional questions or are vetting local electrical efficacy.

Services Include:

Conveyor System ✓
Switchgear Installation ✓
Materials Handling Systems ✓
Power and Control Systems ✓
Water Treatment Facilities ✓
Standby Generator Installation ✓