About Ramsey Ward Electric Co.

Our company, Ramsey Ward Electric Co Inc, was founded over half of a century ago on the principles of honesty, integrity, and quality electrical services. Being a locally-owned, -operated, and -trusted electrical company, we've managed our fair share of electrical projects on behalf of our valued clientele. In doing so, we've always maintained a standard in quality and consistency that ensures the safety and longevity of your property's electrical system. Furthermore, we approach each electrical project as a solely unique electrical project to safeguard against complacency or inattention to detail; thus avoiding potentially disastrous mishaps or malfunctions in the future.

As a leading local authority regarding large-scale electrical systems such as those designated to support an industrial or commercially sized property, we know what it takes to carry out an electrical project towards a successful conclusion. Whether we are tasked with (re)designing an entire electrical system for an industrial complex or if our electrical expertise is better applied towards optimizing the current electrical system of a local commercial property such as a storefront or restaurant, you can take comfort and solace in our extensive electrical experience.